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Regular Escape Game

None of the room moves

280 - 500 plus square feet/sqft

Single to multiple rooms


* more game stories available to be creative with.

* Most people know what this is.

* 10-15 game pieces depending on game length and difficulty.

* Cheaper than Motion or Combo motion/regular game

* Can be just as wowing as a motion game. 

Things to thin about! 

* Everyone has one.

* Can only charge industry rates

* Aprox 50% of the room is an asset as you can not claim walls,

ceiling, lights, floors, wiring added as asset to game room as its an expense. 

Entire or portion of the room moves

8 - 10ft wide to 30 ft long

Can be combine with regular/non motion room 360 t0 500 plus sqft and have motion props/room/components. 

Run by computer


* Full motion is 100% an asset

Combines is anywhere from 50-70% an asset.

* Can charge more as novelty game with enhanced immersion with movement. 

* We use air technology for reduced down time if ever something happens, however we have had our air bags running without replacement for 2 years. Easy replacement process so you never have to go under your unit. 

Computer run.

*Interactive with windows on outside views/inside game pieces.

* Training and support from our team.

Motion Escape Game

or Combination - Motion/Regluar

Things to thin about! 

* There is more tech to understand

* regular maintenance checks to ensure all is good.

* Game story theme options is limited but growing. 

* Newer concept/education on marketing on what is a motion room!

Work with our design team to built your order.

Email inquiries to

Thanks! Message sent.

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