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Maze Table Game 2ft 10" wide x 5 ft long  x 3" deep.

The maze table is made specifically this long so it forces two players and no one player can reach over. They would have to move back and forth to play alone and naturally in a group 2 -3 people will work together to get through maze.

Wood maze table with 5 sliding pieces. Top of maze is felted and covered with plexi for security and durability. Each of the 5 pieces slide back and forth with only one knob placed on only one end of the table. One end has 3 knobs, the other end had 2 knobs. Thus one player operates 3 sliding maze pieces and the other player can only operate 2 maze peices. A third person can move maze key and magnet or the two need to work together. Having a dark inside forces an optional third player and attention to detail. Key hole on side of table for easy reset, and key hole in plexi for key to get key inside when complete. Magnet provided for use or placement in item to be slid on top. 
Size of table top box (no lid or base) Just game 2 ft 10" wide x 5 ft long x 3 inches deep

Can be made with base - extra cost
Can be made with lid over table and knobs so customers dont see or play with before they need to get to it. - extra cost

When tested different groups took anywhere from 2.5 minutes to 6 minutes. 
There are some dead ends in table maze so players may need to go back. 
All players who tested (43 people) Loved it, Rated it a 5 our of 5 for fun (5 being most fun) level and difficulty ranged from 3.5 - 4.5 of which 5 being most difficult.
It has been in a facility in play for a month now with 305 players from Jan - Feb 2018 and a ton of mentions on reviews and feedback on site that they love this maze table


see video here

Moving Maze Table Game

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Color Outside
Color Maze inside
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    Process is:

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