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When the players open the fridge lock, they need to fill the correct IV bags to trigger and open the mag lock on the medicine cabinet. The pump for the fridge is activated by the dummy, where as the players need to find the needle and put it in the arm of the dummy (clue in room to do that). Then they players can fill the correct bags (clue in room on what bags are correct). If they fill one wrong bag the door will not open. Easy maintenance as fridge swings out from wall to check electronics and hold resavour of fake blood. 

Included is Fridge with IV bags, plexiglass installed to protect IV bags, all hosing. Game ready to go. Also included, 4 litres of fake blood, wiring for mag lock, mag lock for medicine cabinet, medicine cabinet with mag lock installed, lock for front of fridge installed and hinges to secure to wall with easy access lock. 


Testing - All of our product is tested before public use. This product has been in public use for 2.5 months and has last over 1000 people in an escape room environment. 

Padded Room IV bag fridge game

SKU: PaddedRoomFridgegame
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