The Lockdown Design Team

This diverse team of skill and creative minds are able to make escape room props built for the industry: with reseting in mind, sustainable product built with quality and durablity, we can turn your idea into a viable option. 

We now build our own furniture as it is more sustainable and durable with industry usage rates . Now with optional hidden compartments. 

This team has the experience and expertise in the industry to understand what an escape room is looking for and ability to built to suit.

With every product we think of:

1) Safety

2) reset for game masters

3) durability for usage of an escape room

4) ability to access for maintenance

5) Game fun value and various difficulty needs in an escape room.

With a designated shop and the right tools to build your idea, email info@lockdowndesign.ca today. 

The Design team consist of: Journeyman Carpenters, Electronic Engineer, Paint specialist, Programmers for code, Game Designers and support staff.

Ken McCurdie 

Devon Bradshaw

James King 

Tammy Oliver-McCuride

Karen King

Various trade contract workers

Themed Sound Designers:

Richard Oliver

Liquid Lap Productions

The Lockdown Design Team - Experience

We have created and built 13 new full games in Red Deer - Everything -  Props, theming and install on site

We have done 3 full game room switch outs in Red Deer

- Removal of prior theme, new props, theming and install on site

We have created and built 5 new full games in Cranbrook BC -  -  Props, theming and install on site

We have done one full game room switch outs in Cranbrook BC - Removal of prior theme, new props, theming and install on site

We have created and done 2 new full game rooms in Seattle WA. 

-  Props, theming and install on site

We have created themed game documents for a few other owners. 

We sell a dozen plus escape room game props a month to escape rooms in Canada and US and ship to their location. 

Our team members always makes ourselves available to our customers for Q/A.

We are always working on new ideas, props, games,  research and development, for the industry. 

Lockdown Design
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Red Deer Alberta, Canada
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