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Mini Mobile Pods/Units

Bring a Mini Escape Room Game to your Next Indoor or Outdoor Event

2-4 player mini 10 minute games

Variety of themes Available



Area needed 20ft x 25ft

8ft height clearance

Access to power

Games for all Ages

Custom Mobile units for purchase - email for information. Cost is based on size and technical ability.

Mini Mobile Pod Games

Secret Agent 22 

Cell Block D

Department store wardrobe

Rainbow Detective


1 QTY -  10 - 15 minute minii games available for purchase $250.00 each of the design plans



1 QTY Full mini game package with design plans, all game pieces and funiture to go in mobile unit ready to set up on site = $1500 - 2500.00 plus shipping


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8 x 8 x 8 Mobile Escape Room with Tech option 

The 1 mobile unit has 8 panels that locks together when set up. Constructed of 2” light constructed wood walls. Each panel weighs approx. 20-30lbs. Each panel locks into eachother to secure the mobile unit. Set up or take down in less than 1 hour. 

Comes with​

  • Tech plug in options built in

  • Clock for game play

  • Door and door handle


You can choose your color of Vinyl for the walls and the doors. Jail decaling is extra.

Flooring in picture below is extra.

Ready to load into trailer or ship from Red Deer, Alberta Fabrication shop

Come with 2 power outlets and clock power ready for game, power supply to run power in 1 unit and power lines run inside walls with connects on top of panels to power supply. 

$ 4800.00 Canadian plus tax

(apox $3650 US depending on exchange rate)

Pictures of our two 8 x 8 x8 Mobile Escape Rooms set up on site. 
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