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When the 6 pieces of the cube are put together then a mag lock triggers and will open any 12V device (ie mag lock, light, etc). This can be one solid color or each piece can be a different color. Comes with 60lb mag lock and power supply, ready to plug and play.

Outer design decal not included.

Pic your color

smaller cube 6" x 6" -  $725.00

Bigger 12" x 12" Cube $850

Design/outer decal - any print for sides (ink blot test, hands, etc) $125.00

No Mag lock $-55.00

Change out mag lock from 60lb to 300 lb is $100 CDN extra


Base is 4 " larger.


see you tube video here


Working great in our rooms, tested and now played by many customers. Once customer find all pieces they figure it out in 5 minutes ish. Customer feedback is great. Can be harder without pictures and just painted.





Cube Game

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