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This program can be customize to suit your escape room game. 

You can add

1)video or

2) pictures with voice sound. 

3) just sound file

We will then add tex box option for customers to read what was said or instructed.

Customer them need to answer via text. 


We will work with you to get instructions on what you want to say and the correct responses as well as incorrect responces/clues


You can have them pic between pictures or options via touch screen. 


To operate the program you will need a touch screen for customers and a computer. 

You will need to install your own speaker throughout room for enhanced sound.

You will be able to adjust sound at your site once program is installed. 

You will beed to devote a 1 - 2 hours of your time to work with our team to make your custom program and review/edit for any changes before delivery.


For more information contact us 4033524375 or 5873773939


Video has been edited for video presentation, as this is a game stream within a 50 minute escape room game. There is a couple streams of game play going on at the same time to offer a non linear gameplay.


See video here 

Escape Room Video Software Program with text and/or sound

SKU: gamesoftware1
  • Lockdown Design offers a free over the phone set up with one of our techs, once you receive the item. They will help walk you through proper set up and function of your new item. Ensure all is working properly! You can call and book an appointment with one of our tech after receiving your item. 

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