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Vertical has 4 Gliderail brackets - 2Left 2 Right

Horizontal has 2 regular glide rail bracket and 1 large one for bottom track (no track where customer walks)

All have 

1" slide rail (each side)

Slide rail mounting brackets welded - ready for install( just level and screw)

Limit switches, 4 sensor leads, 2 pullies, winch cable

Electronic  - Hbridge, Hbridge driver, 12V power suppy, 25 ft 4 conductor, 25ft of 2 conductor

1 Acutator with motor

Keylock for staff reset (for safety - will not move or come down until staff turn key and hold)

Instruuctions included

You will need to install


Large is good for full hollow door max 68" for 12 foot ceilings, that needs to move up (not rated for heavy door that is solid or fireplace moving up as it has more weight).


Medium is good for moving half door size 40" max opening with 36"-46" unit min 8 ft ceiling; hollow, sewer grate, firplace, etc (all that is different is just shorter rails)


Horizontal units are made to work like pock doors and have no threshold. However are actuated like our verticals.


All comes with hook up for you to attach to device to trigger door and all come with safety keylocks so door stays open and staff can reset (for safety)



Glide Rail system vertical - large

SKU: GlideRailsystem
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