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This laser table is made out of wood. It is 18.5" wide  x 32" x 6" deep. This comes with 4 crystals and an extra per crystal just in case people walk off with one or one gets broken. Each Crystal goes into a slot that turns on a laster and illuminates a certain color. Crytal colors are: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

Comes with 4 lasers. When each of the Lasers is turned on by the Crystal in the slot it bounces off 1 or more mirrors and lands on a specific number. That would be the numbers in your code and your sequence is your color of the Crystal that matched up with something in the room/s (planet colors with numbers, etc). 

Can be table or wall mounted.

Coms with power supply. Ready to plug and play.



See video here


Laser Table

SKU: Lasertable
  • Can be shipped withing 14-21 days or order

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