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Latching Hall sensor

Ready to install to screw terminal. 

Comes with standard 18" lead on wires.

Use any maginet of your desired size to trigger. You can adjust the polarity yourself.


True Allegro industrial bipolar hall sensor. initially designed for high speed and precise activation.  commonly used in tachometers, speedometer sensors and precision machine tools such as CnC Lathes and mills.  rated up to 20mhz


Pole specific activation  and deactivation ( correct pole to correct face )

(ie: south pole turns on and north pole turns off or visa versa)


Input voltage 5 - 18VDC


Output to microprocessors such as Arduino


Output to development boards such as raspberry pi does not need a level shift only the internal pull up resistor


Pre wired setup for Lockdowns OctoBoard, custom hand wired hall boards and Arduino / Pi in a 0.5" round capsule for easy install


Detection range approx 0.75" with quality 19mm neodymium magnet range will vary by yield strength and materials between sensor and magnetic fields

Detection requires the magnet face over the sensor itself. a small magnet requires more precision. close proximity will not activate it


see video on hall sensors here


FYI Naked Bulk quanties are available for self assemble - contact us for pricing and availablity.

Latching Hall sensor (ready to use)

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