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Mind Master

Theme as you would prefer and Clue as you would like. 

We have temporary cluing up for video purposes. 


Button color options: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and White

A pre programmed color sequence answer, where customer need to figure out the exact code. They press the TEST button and it tells them "# of right color wrong position" lights and the "# of right color right position" lights.

Once correct and all lights are on it triggers a 12V device


You  can either get

1) The game on one panel as see on video and you can theme/paint and install in your game room.


2) Have the buttons separated on 1 panel and your lights on another panel where you can extend your connecting leads in your game room and have the two panels installed in two separate places. This will force 2 player game option. Just theme/paint the panels and install. 


Mind Master is $725.00 CAD

For an extra $75.00 CAD we will paint for you or Stain and lacquer. You just tell us what color/s or stain you want. Send us a pic to 

$75 to wood engrave instructions or

$125.00 to have instructions engraved on stainless steel 


Tested with many customers in a game,


see video here

Mind Master Button Game

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