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What you get is the design paper-work package. This includes your story line, product list, game design list (what gets you what in this puzzle and how you get it)

These are designed to be 10 minute games for the public at a 40-50% escape rate. Longer 15 minutes games will have a 90-95% escape rate.  

If you have a smaller group you can run the clock to see who gets out at what time. Great fun! 

These games have been tested and played in the public with great response. 


Rainbow detective: Your group is about 7-8 years old and your friend Ricky Moneys bike was stolen. He is offering anyone $10.00 who finds his bike. You and your friends form a detective agency to find the stolen bike. However another group of kids formed called the Rainbow detectives and stole all the evidence and put it in their fort. Your group created a destraction to get them out to look at the evidence and find out how stole Rick Moneys bike. 


Secret agent: One of the the Secret Agents in this deparment is missing and stole millions from the government. We have word this Secret Agent is headed somewhere in the world with it and is working with someone who they left clues in their office on where he has gone, as they are to meet. Your team is brought in to find out where this Agent is headed to. 


Cell Block - You are part of a special team the prison has formed as there is information that leaked that this person in this cell has letters and pictures that are not approved to be in their possession. Your team needs to find the letters and pictures before the cell block lets the inmates back in from scheduled outside activities. 


The Department Store Wardrobe -  You and your friends were out shopping and trying on all sorts of clothes. There was a leak of CO2 and you all fall asleep. When you awake you hear over the intercom that the store is closing and lights will be shut off and doors closed. You all rush to find one of your missing wallets. To have fun with the group ask who is most likely to loose their wallet. lol

Mini Game Design only

SKU: MiniDesign
  • Design package can be emailed to you once purchased, within 24 hours. 

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