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What you get is the design paperwork package and all the items ready to go to run the game. Design paperwork includes your story line, product list, game design list (what gets you what in this puzzle and how you get it). Items inlcude all game pieces ready to play and all mobile furniture ready to go.

These are designed to be 10 minute games for the public at a 40-50% escape rate. 

If you have a smaller group you can run the clock to see who gets out at what time. Great fun! 

These games have been tested and played in the public with great response. 


Game Scenarios


Cell Block - You are a team of investigators that was brought in because there was a leak that one of the inmates has pictures and letters containing important information, and are not approved to be in their cell. This is the last cell on this block your team is checking and have to report back to head quarters in 10 minutes. Will you find the picture and letters that are allegedly in there.


Rainbow Detective - We have taken the players back to their childhood where they have decided to become a detective agency. Richie Money’s bike was stolen and he has offered $10.00 for its return. Unfortunately you have a rival agency, the Rainbow detectives, who also taken on the case. Your agency was making progress but the Rainbow detectives stole all of the evidence. Since you will not solve the case without the evidence you have created a distraction and broke into their Rainbow detective office. You hope to steal back the evidence and maybe even their suspect profile. After all $10.00 is at stake.


Secret Agent - A Secret Agent has frauded the government and you are the special team brought in to search the Secret Agents office for clues on where the Secret Agent can be found. There was a leak of information that came through that the Secret Agent was working with someone and they left information in this office for them to meet in a location. Your job is to find the location so we can deploy a team to arrest the Secret Agent.

Had them the file with the objective.


Department Store Wardrobe - You and your friends were out shopping and trying on all sorts of clothes. There was a leak of CO2 and you all fall asleep. When you awake you hear over the intercom that the store is closing and lights will be shut off and doors closed. You all rush to find one of your missing wallets. To have fun with the group ask who is most likely to loose their wallet. lol


The new mini Bomb game will not be ready till end of July. 

Mini Game Design Package with props -Gen 1

SKU: MiniDesignPackage
  • The design paperwork will be emailed within 24 hours once order is complete. The items for the game will be shipped within 7 - 14 days of order being complete, unless otherwise agreed upon (as it may be shipping with mobile wall units)

  • With 48 hours of receiving item you must call to let us know there is a defect when received.

    Process is:

    1) Try and fix over phone with design team

    2) Ship new part if needed.

    3) Have returned and ship you new product

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