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Octo Board

8 relay board for multiple sensors and inputs

Input can be chained to activate more than one relay at a time for multiple itsms such as lights, maglock and audio on a single sensor or trigger

Triggers can be either a 2.0 to 12VDC ( 4ma or higher ) input such as industrial PIR sensors, Arduinos of all flavors, Raspberry Pi development boards, PIC processors or even cheap chinese maglock / game controllers to expand existing prop outputs


Triggers can also be jumpered for pull down type sensors such as hobbyist motion sensors, infrared proximity sensors, industrial capactivve and inductive sensors and especially our industrial Hall effect sensors


Outputs are rated up to 30VDC @ 10A or 250VAC@ 10A to support 110/220 lighting units, and high draw devices. 

Each output is a standard N/o N/C and Common connection to support a number of output options


Board itself requires a 12V power source


Indicator lights on all channels for ease of setup and diagnostics


PCB uses a heavier copper trace to allow larger loads safely and no heatup on the traces


All connections are 5mm pitch screw terminals for ease of connection and no pin headers or soldering


Relays can easily be desoldered and replaced should one ever fail. ( rated at 2 million contacts )


Board can easily be mounted by screw holes, DIN rail, project boxes or directly into or on to props or control boards


Comes with set up documents with options diagrams


See video here

Octo Board - AWESOME!

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