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Fully programmabe 4 game Bomb prop. Comes in black  heavy duty case - you can further themed if needed. 
Comes with 4 games: 2 wire games - a V shaped switch game (switches move left to right or up and down - you can adjust to what is needed for your game) and a keypad for code (up to 19 digits. 
All games have a light indicator if the player completed that portion of the game. 
All games are reprogrammable for your own sequence. 
Instruction included or call Lockdown Design as we are here to help with product you purchased from us. 
Timer can be set to 0 - 99 hours. You can have three different times programmed in the settings. 
Resetting - EASY - Mess up switches and pull wires out. 
Then: 1))You just place our programming stick in indicated spot on instuctions (magnet stick over magnet switch inside - so customers can not change)  and its is reprogrammed and ready to go and starts counting down. 2)Can be set up to button reset if needed for outside of room start ( we give 6 feet of wire and you can extend.  
When bomb is defused a Defused light glows green. You can also have the prop trigger and 12V to 240V device or devices. 

Prop is programmed that the switch game is first, then wire games, then key pad. If you wanted a different sequence then you can email or make note on your order and we will change programming. 

Comes with reprogramming controller and 12V power supply. We also send 4 extra wires in case people wreck.

Plug and play ready to go. 

4 games in one. 
You can also lock up your case, holes predrilled. 

Can be used for full game or mini game as timer is programmable. 

See video click here



Programmable 4 game Prop (Bomb)

SKU: Bomb4game
  • With 48 hours of receiving item you must call to let us know there is a defect when received.

    Process is:

    1) Try and fix over phone with design team

    2) Ship new part if needed.

    3) Have returned and ship you new product

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