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With a service tech order a tech will call you back within 24 hrs

$40.00 CDN for every 0-30 minutes of Lockdown Design team tech time over the phone.

This is for

1) product not under warranty service call/Tech advice/help

2) product you bought elsewhere and need advice/help

3) other


You can buy a product however many things can happen over the course of running the item (not covered under warranty);

1) power surge can wreck your electronic item 

2) Static issue can cause failure or intermittent issues with electronic item. 

3) customer misuse and you need to fix over phone

4) need a replacement part and advice on how to install it

4) other

Service Call/Tech advice for every 30 min

SKU: servicecall
  • There is no refund on a service tech phone call order

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