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36" Hexagon table top with or without wood burnt top as seen on video, no paint or stain as you can stain to suit or option for us to stain. Table has 6 key holes however only one key will work for each one.We give you an extra set of skeleton keys.  Comes with globe in centre, however there is an option for special centre piece, in place of globe, just email to ensure we can make to your vision. Turn the correct key in the correct key hole and you turn on a light in the ball in centre of the table and or trigger 12V device. Each of the six keys turns on a different color light on the standard globe option.

Once all key are in correct spot and truned it will open any 12V device (ie mag lock, etc)

Comes with mag lock and power supply. 

Plug and play.

Base under table top is extra - see options


see video here


$1500 CDN for table top  (no stain no design)

$200 for special centre piece if you dont want globe (email or call to ensure it can be done) ie: treasure chest on top that pops open, book, etc

$300 for Speical table top design (email or call to ensure if can be done)

$300 CDN for stain (email stain color preference)

$500 CDN for 36" base with 3 feet

Skeleton key table top

SKU: Skeletonkeytable
  • This items ships within 14-21 days of order.

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