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Bomb prop in medium/small case with clock mounted on the outsideand keypad- When correct code is put into keypad (reporgrammable to 2-19 digits)  then it triggers mag lock to open case. When in the case is there is 5 colored buttons, (reporgrammable to 2-19 code) and when correct code is input then the DISARMED light comes on inside.

Option to have 5 buttons on outside of box with timer and keypad inside with disarmed light

Comes with mag lock and power supply. Plug and play.


Option to add sound with small speaker inside or speaker with wire running outside of box. SD card programmable sound. Sound when they disarm is you want and sound if they blow up and do not disarm.


See video here

Bomb Prop 102- 2 game with 5 buttons and keypad with clock

SKU: Bomb102
  • With 48 hours of receiving item you must call to let us know there is a defect when received.

    Process is:

    1) Try and fix over phone with design team

    2) Ship new part if needed.

    3) Have returned and ship you new product

  • Can ship with in 5-10 days from date of order

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