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What you get is the design paperwork for two packages and all the items ready to go to run the games. Design paperwork includes your story line, product list, game design list (what gets you what in this puzzle and how you get it). Items inlcude all game pieces ready to play and all mobile furniture ready to go.

Secret Agent and Rainbow detective use the same desk and locked furniture items. That is why we can offer the deal. Game have different game items, wall picture, etc.

These are designed to be 12 minute games for the public at a 40-50% escape rate. 

If you have a smaller group you can run the clock to see who gets out at what time. Great fun! 

These games have been tested and played in the public with great response. 


One tech option each per game

Two Mini Game Design Package Deal for 1 Mobile Unit -c/w Tech

  • The design paperwork will be emailed within 24 hours once order is complete. The items for the game will be shipped within 7 - 14 days of order being complete, unless otherwise agreed upon (as it may be shipping with mobile units)

  • With 48 hours of receiving item you must call to let us know there is a defect when received.

    Process is:

    1) Try and fix over phone with design team

    2) Ship new part if needed.

    3) Have returned and ship you new product

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