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Victorian Vanity Style Desk - Made out of 1/4" Bultic Birch

Comes with 1 hidden drawer compartment in middle (as seen on Video)

Middle drawer comes with the hidden compartment and is 19 7/8" wide x 6" tall. Hidden cavity/space you have to hide stuff is 1" wide x 9" long x 1/4" deep


Desk has 2 slide drawers on the side - 10" wide x 6" tall - If you want entra hidden areas added that will be $125.00 cdn per added hidden compartment drawer. Hidden cavity/space you have to hide stuff in small drawer is 1" wide x 6" long x 1/4" deep


There are two cabinet style doors that open on the bottom (for hiding things or locking up)


Total desk is 40" wide  x 35 1/8 tall x 14 1/2 deep


TV/Mirror in middle not included that is an extra added cost =

TV/Mirror with no USB video ( you add your own) $1000.00 Cdn 

TV Mirror with USB Video premade with code (for what you need on there) $1100.00 Canadian

Hidden TV inset in frame with plexi and mirror film on it. Comes with wireless chair. Ready for USB video or video to be uploaded. Every time someone sits on the chair the screen pops up with video or videos. We have 4 videos that pop up with a code on it.

TV/Mirror frame Size - 20" wide  x 25 5/8 high x 4 1/8 deep.


FYI - Freight props has great resource of video to use if you know how to overlap numbers or letters on it.

or have our team make you custom video.


See video for desk only here


See video for TV/Mirror with wireless chair option here


Custom desk sizes available - call or email our team for quote.

Victorian Vanity Style desk with hidden compartment Only

SKU: VictorianVanity
  • From date of order this unit can take 14-28 days to ship

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