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Two players/groups must communicate the lights that are lit on panel 1 to panel 2 players. We have it set to 8 lit buttons on panel 1 (it can be set to any amount) and players must communicate 1 at a time and hit the corresponding light button on panel 2. They have two seconds between each button push (this can be set to any amount of time - just email us with order or add comment to order )

Panel 1 does not have buttons, just lights. Panel 2 has buttons.

Panel 2 has red and green light indicators that will show panel 2 players if they pushed the correct button within the set time, which is 2 seconds on our panel. We have it clued in our spaceship that communication panel 1 must let panel 2 in control centre what areas of the spaceship are turning on 1 by 1 and player two has two seconds to push that button and shut that area of the ship down.
Price varies based on what you want.  
Can open any 12VDC, 24VDC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC Devices.
Comes with power supply and mag lock or alternate relay offered (call or email if you need alternate with order, must be aprox same cost as mag lock) Relays offered: mag lock, red blinking light, light, etc. Email with alternate relay offered.



Guts/Button only - no casing

4 button for each panel $575 (8 buttons plus red and green indicators)

5 buttons for each panel $600  (10 buttons plus red and green indicators)

10 buttons for each panel $750 (20 buttons plus red and green indicators)

15 buttons for each panel $900 (30 buttons plus red and green indicators)


Panels/Casing are extra $100

Options are Aluminum (as shown in video), Stainless Steel, Wood clear or stained (Baltic Birch). Plexi clear or vinyl wrapped 


Two game option - Wacomole and mirrored button game add $100


see video here

Wacomole Button Game

  • From time of order can ship within 10-14 days

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