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This pedestal is amazing! When all four statues are place on the custom shelves then the 4 sides pop out. Each of the pop out side has 3 buttons of a keypad and thumb print activation. When you press the thumb print the keypad piece lights up. Players must work together to touch the keypads and press in the correct code. Code is re-programmable. We have it that each pop out has to press 1-3 keys in a sequence. Then when pressed they can get what is in the locked area as it lifts up. 

Different stain and color options given - please order and email us with color preference


If you want additional customization: steam punk, special art, etc please contact us for pricing.


Add $250 CDN for extra lights in centre to amplify the centre find.

Add $250 CDN for audio pressure sensor when item is lifted in centre and triggers sound with SD card


No paint or stain - $-500.00 CDN ( however there is risk that wood can warp in damp conditions if not protected by laquor or proper paint coat - This is at your own risk)


See video here

Winged pedestal

SKU: 4winged
Color options
  • With 48 hours of receiving item you must call to let us know there is a defect when received.

    Process is:

    1) Try and fix over phone with design team

    2) Ship new part if needed.

    3) Have returned and ship you new product


    If you cancel before your custom product is shipped there is a cancelation/restocking fee that will apply depending on where we are at in production. 

  • Lockdown Design offers a free over the phone set up with one of our techs, once you receive the item. They will help walk you through proper set up and function of your new item. Ensure all is working properly! You can call and book an appointment with one of our tech after receiving your item. 

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